Enhancing your experience of essential oils, one breathe at a time

It is well known that essential oils are nature’s medicine. There is no doubt that simply applying essential oils onto our body, inhaling or ingesting them will produce a therapeutic effect. We believe that the benefits of essential oils can be enhanced through mental intention, physical movement and breath awareness. For hundreds of years, Chinese medicine has developed a successful and integrated system of self-care that uses herbs, acupuncture, massage, meditation, breathe, movement and loving kindness to tap into the power of life for optimal vitality. Aroma Qigong makes these powerful techniques simple and accessible for everyone.

Everyone is a healer

We all have the innate ability to heal ourselves and maintain a state of optimal energy.  The body is a living system of energy (body-mind-spirit), and is part of a larger living system of energy (nature-cosmos-Dao). The force of vital energy that moves through all of life is called qi. When qi is flowing, we are healthy, when qi becomes stagnant or blocked, we feel pain. Essential oils are filled with nature's qi and can provide assistance when we need it the most. Aroma Qigong is here to remind us that our body is our best friend and requires nothing more than listening, attention, compassion, and love. These practices awaken our inner healer to discover that transformation and vitality are right in the palms of our hands.

The vibrational approach

The Aroma Qigong approach to using essential oils is vibrational. While most of us have the tendency to focus on quantity of energy (the more energy, the better we feel) or lack of (the less energy, the more depleted and unmotivated we feel). Aroma Qigong focuses on the quality of our energy: optimizing our level of energy by refining the vibration to a vibrant and balanced frequency. Every essential oil also has a unique frequency which can work with our body in unique ways. Aroma Qigong gives us simple tools to understand the vibrational aspect of essential oils from our own experience and to become a conscious participant in our own healing and evolution.