My greatest joy is in sharing the tools to cultivate our most precious resource – qi, life force energy – for self-healing, vitality, mental clarity, spiritual fulfillment and a deeper connection to all of nature.
— Marisa

Marisa Cranfill is an international speaker and YOQI yoga + qigong instructor. Throughout her lifetime, Marisa has been a committed practitioner of conscious embodiment integrating Vipassana meditation, qigong, yoga and energy medicine practices. She discovered qigong over 15 years ago while attending university in China and combined it with a meditation and yoga practice, experiencing amazing results: more energy, deep healing, and insight to nature’s unlimited potential. Today she shares years of training and healing gifts through Aroma Qigong. Marisa has been called a generous and light hearted teacher that places special emphasis on the transformational aspect of qigong and essential oils.  Her teaching reflects her values for the crossroads of science, local wisdom and direct experience. 

Marisa currently divides her time between San Francisco and Bangkok where she directs YOQI Yoga+Qigong and Aroma Qigong. Besides producing the YOQI you tube channel, a free video resource for learning qigong, she teaches international retreats, workshops, classes and private sessions. For Marisa’s upcoming events click here

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