The Aroma Qigong dōTERRA team is a wellness community based on the healing wisdom ofqigong and essential oils. When you join us, not only will you have direct access to Aroma Qigong workshops and retreats around the world, discounted courses, and member’s only videos, you also will get to become a dōTERRA Member or dōTERRA Advocate.

Becoming a dōTERRA Member means that you will:

  • Receive the wholesale cost on all dōTERRA essential oils and wellness products.
  • Earn share credits that you can redeem for free product.

Becoming a dōTERRA Advocate means that you will:

  • Receive the wholesale cost on all dōTERRA essential oils and wellness products.
  • Earn share credits that you can redeem for free product.
  • Have the opportunity to build your own community and network with monetary compensation.

Personally what I love about being a dōTERRA Advocate is that with this work whatever I put into it, is what I get out of it. There is never any pressure to purchase or sell. The quality of the product sells itself. For many, essential oils are a perfect complement to their wellness business or family work-from- home lifestyle. We believe that your passion, attitude and personal experience guide your path. Energy does not lie, it is magnetic, and Aroma Qigong is here to help you raise your vibration for your happiness and all those around you.



Once you have realized the benefits of essential oils and a dōTERRA lifestyle, you will naturally want to share your experience with those around you. Whether it is a loved one, a close friend, or a complete stranger, you will find yourself sharing the gift of dōTERRA wellness any chance you get. Enrolling as a dōTERRA Advocate is easy. We could tell you how to do it right here on-line. But more importantly is that we meet each other first! After all, we are going to become friends and community members. If you are interested to become an Aroma Qigong dōTERRA Member or Advocate, please fill out this form and submit to us right away! We would love to hear from you and will reply within 24 hours.


After enrollment, we will send you an e-mail with links to our Aroma Qigong training tools and discounts on courses as well as the introductory video. The beginning stage is a time to experiment, practice, learn and top up your energy! This stage can take different amounts of time for different people. The Aroma Qigong philosophy is that each and every one of us is our own best healer. It is through our own experience, dedication and study that we gain the insight to touch and inspire others.


From here forward, what you put out you will get out. We will continue to inspire you with information and exciting ideas on how to incorporate essential oils into your lifestyle, your work and your community. Attend live Aroma Qigong workshops & retreats offered around the world, or on-line Aroma Qigong Courses and Webinars from your home. Chat in our forums and create meet up groups in your community. Whether you end up using essential oils for your own health and longevity or create a new career path is the beauty of the Aroma Qigong dōTERRA community. We are here to help support your path.

*You may opt out of the dōTERRA membership and wellness advocate program at any time. Once you opt out, you have 60 days to redeem your dōTERRA credits.*