Yin Yoga is a deeply healing and meditative form of yoga that targets the connective tissues and energy meridians of the body. A yin yoga pose is typically held for five minutes; enough time to release stagnation within the fascia, refine subtleties of the breath and quiet the mind. Yin yoga is a perfect balance to any active lifestyle, sport or yang yoga practice. The benefits are many ranging from enhanced flexibility, deep fascial release, energetic balance, mental calm and stress relief.

In an Aroma Yin class, the healing guide applies essential oils to specific acupressure points on the body while in complementary yin postures. Each pose and oil is selected according to the five element theory of Chinese Medicine to facilitate emotional, physical and/or energetic transformation. With some study Aroma Yin can also be practiced as a self-treatment at home. Using essential oils with with yoga creates a scent anchor for exploring states of spiritual development, emotional transformation and physical healing. The power of scent combined with Aroma Yin's essential oil applications on key accupressure points enhances the experience of the yogi and greatly increases health benefits.