Aroma Qigong is a self-treatment technique based on Traditional Chinese Medicine that combines aromatherapy and qigong. The technique uses self-massage, deep breathing, visualization and flowing movements to enhance the benefits of essential oils. The rhythmic movements of qigong heighten the senses, circulate energy and cultivate a state of presence awareness. Aroma qigong gives you the tools to be an active participant in your healing journey and to understand how essential oils assist you on an intuitive and vibratory level through your own experience. Whether you are working through a particular illness, want to lose weight, manage stress, enhance vitality or raise your vibration, Aroma Qigong has an application for you.

The Chinese word qigong means "energy cultivation" and comprises a range of empowering resources, including herbal medicine, acupuncture, meditation and martial arts. Qigong was developed over 5,000 years ago in China by Daoist sages dedicated to master physical and spiritual longevity. The original qigong exercises were called “nourishing life”, and evolved to become the popular system of energy medicine that is practiced in China and around the world today. Aroma Qigong draws upon these time-tested medical and spiritual qigong techniques for healing and wellness.

Qigong enhances the quality of your experience of essential oils by preparing the body to open up into a receptive state.  The stretches release any stagnation in target meridians, deep breathing opens up the lungs and sense of smell while the flowing movements amplify and circulate the energy through the body. This allows for a conscious integration of the essential oils and creates an optimal state for transformation. Aroma Qigong gives us the tools to go deeper into the process of an essential oil experience and become a conscious participant in our healing and our love ones. Taking responsibility for our own healing rather than just “letting the plant do it’s work” is a form of respect, not only to ourselves but to the gifts of Mother Earth that we are using.

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